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We are an international manufacturer of Affordable Fire Rescue & Safety Equipment with offices located in St. Louis, Missouri USA and Guangzhou, China specializing in Fire Rescue & Safety Equipment, such as; Fire Escape Smoke Hoods, Fire Blankets, Gas Masks, CHEM-BIO, Gas Fire Escape Smoke Hoods, CBRN, SCBA's, Fire Escape Ropes, Escape Ladders, Fireman's Suits, as well as Tactical Body Armor.

Providing solutions for Governments, Military, Fire, First Responders, Rescue Authorities and PPE Personal Protective Equipment for Individuals WORLD WIDE.

Our range of products provide up to 90 minutes of supplied or filtered breathable air up to 600% greater life breathing capability than our competition, i.e. , DRAGER  / MSA  / Sundstrom / 3M as well as other high end products for less than half the cost.

  • Our product also has been tested at North Carolina State University on their
  • PYRO Dummy ( which is also used by USA DOD - Dept of Defense ) for testing all fabrics against flame resistance worn by all military personnel.
  • Our products have been tested up to 3000 Fahrenheit ( 1600 C ) for three ( 3 & 5 ) seconds with ZERO Penetration. Exceeds NFPA Standard 2112 by 50%
  • We even have our products on underwater submarines, merchant ships,

private yachts as well as the US Navy and have been US Coast Guard Approved.

  • Our Products are ideal for use in the Shipping Industry / Private Yachts / Chemical
  • Oil Facilities / Hotels / High Rise Office Buildings and by Correctional Facilities
  • Police / Fire Rescue / First Responders and the mining industry.

TUONG KHOA Limited is an authorized ASESafety products in Vietnam. Any inquiry, please call or