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Billy Pugh Company’s mission is the manufacturing of a full line of premium quality safety equipment.

With close to 60 years of commitment to quality we continue to “over-build” our safety equipment. All our products exceed the minimum standards set by USCG, OSHA, CE and ANSI. At Billy Pugh Co. we will work closely with you to customize an existing product or develop a new one for your specific application.

TUONG KHOA Limited is an authorize distributor of BillyPugh's products in Vietnam

History of the Billy Pugh Company

Billy Pugh Company was established in 1957 during the infancy of the offshore oil and gas industry. Mr. Billy Pugh was a deck hand on a supply/crew boat working offshore Corpus Christi. Mr. Pugh had been in the United States Coast Guard during World War II and had been working around water most of his life. During his lifetime, Mr. Pugh saw how the personnel were being transferred on and off the drilling platforms and was concerned for their safety. The rig hands were being moved from the boat to rig using a cargo net. The passengers would hang on to the rigging of the cargo net and were literally set down onto the deck of the boat or the drilling platform. When Mr. Pugh brought this hazard up to the drilling superintendent- that this looked very dangerous and that he had a better idea; he was told to go back to work.   A few days later a serious accident occurred taking the lives of a two of rig hands and seriously injuring another.   The rig superintendent sent for Mr. Pugh and asked him what his idea was. Mr. Pugh described a “cone shaped” system that allowed personnel to ride on the outside while standing on a ring which would allow them to lean slightly forward and more easily embark and disembark the transfer device.   The Billy Pugh Company was born.

Over the next several decades, Billy Pugh Company became synonymous with the offshore oil and gas industry. One of the first rites of passage for a new rig hand was his first ride on the famous Billy Pugh Net.

Also of interest during that time period (the early 1960’s) NASA approached Billy Pugh Company to design and test a system for water recovery of astronauts. The Apollo moon missions would all use the Billy Pugh Company X-872 Helicopter Rescue net to rescue the astronauts after the splash down of their capsule. The X-872 that was used on Apollo 11 has its own display at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C